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Setters Review

Shoddy takes on Education Mafia

Even If Setters shows no Inclination to understand the dark desperation that drives parents to buy mark for undeserving children. It could have made a little more effort to be sly or more suspenseful.

Setters Review
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This is a movie like Why Cheat India which is based on Education Mafia. And just like Emraan Hashmi starter, it's not very good.

Director Ashwini Chaudhary's "Setters" adopt heist thriller's tones to depict the practice of paid proxies and leaked question papers Facilitated by scamming service in Varanasi whose network extends all across India as Apurva (Shreyas Talpade), right-hand man to the ill-tempered creep (Pavan Malhotra) running the Business, travels between Mumbai and Delhi to get the job done.

Hot on the trail is a local cop, Aditya Singh (Aftaaf Shivdasani) instructed by his superior to end this racket.

Apurva and Aditya are informed, are old friends who appeared for their IAS exam together until they had had falling out over a common love interest. It's a worthless bit of information considering the conflict is completely synthetic and the duo shares zero emotional connection.

Both assemble a ragtag team of able actors (Vijay Raaz, Manu Rishi, Neeraj Sood, Anil Mange) in throwaway parts and a tedious game of cat and mouse ensues against the mandatory cacophony of blaring guitar and ticking cloth.

 It's all rather "Special 26" but only because characters walk, walk and vanish within the backstreets and corridors of crowded markets and private lanes. The scenario repeats itself so frequently in the narrative; tow hours turn into a monotonous slog.

Setters Review
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Setters biggest undoing is it's sloppy, simplistic and full of loopholes writing. While the motivation and Disenhancements of its characters remain vague until its abrupt end, the ease with which breaks-ins and deception happen is shoddy, to say the least.

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